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The POWER of words
Proverb 17:27 A truly wise person uses few words;   a person with understanding is even-tempered.
Have you ever met a silently quiet person. A calm person. A person who very rarely says something and then they totally blow you away with their response!! I don’t mean physically  blow up!!
Most of us go through life talking non stop; come on admit it!!!! It is both men and women. It is !!!  I used to be a BT operator so I know who can talk more!!
I would class my husband as a man of few words; he doesn’t waste his words.  He means what he says and doesn’t say it mean.  I’ve never come across anyone who actually other than exceptional circumstances, he is the most well balanced person I know.  I love it and I think every day LORD let me be as patient, and loving as Adrian is because most of  the time  I want to punch people’s lights out and say exactly how I feel about something and I don’t have the maturity or experience to filter what I want to say if I explode; I haven’t exploded many times in my life, but when I have I have scared myself.

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