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I'm often asked, 'What is the VISION for LIVINGWATER  Water United Fellowship', after all,  people without a vision PERISH -Proverbs 29 v18.

The vision is easy to say but it seems  almost impossible to do. The vision is to have a people of one HEART, one MIND, and one SPIRIT.

A Wild goose when flying on its own, can cover short distances, but will need a constant rest because of the the energy used in a lonesome flight; long journeys can be achieved but with great energy expenditure.

When it is time for the geese to migrate and cover a huge distance covering many thousand miles and continents they form a V shape flight formation one behind the other following the selected leadership.

In doing this in formation, they expend 70% less energy together than flying solo 70%; that is why GODD wants HIS church to be of one heart, mind and spirit.

How can this be achieved, when we have a people, who at no matter what the personal cost, will seek first the Kingdom of God.
When we are not HUNGERING after the WILL of GOD and HIS Kingdom, it is because we usually are full of ourselves and find it very hard to achieve any  distance for GOD.  Yet, if we get in formation and forget SELF and pull together for the Kingdom, then amazing things can be achieved.

Therefore, that is our, very achievable, vision of people of ONE HEART, ONE MIND, and ONE SPIRIT.

Senior Pastor Adrian GUEST



I am woman, I behave like a woman, I think like a woman, I cry like a woman and I hurt like a woman, I have hormones as a woman and undertake my life as a woman. I am not a man and cannot be a man, I don’t have the strength, I don’t have the thinking, I don’t have the responsibility. I am a woman. I love, honour, cherish and adore my husband and he protects me and undertakes his responsibilities as a man and male and provides for me and my family. That’s the role of the male, he is in charge, He is answerable to GOD; I am not involved in this and nor do I want to be, I have my own role and responsibility to GOD. Most importantly my husband loves me and my daughter as his own, now that takes a man of GOD, to love like that.

Psalm 10:14 …the helpless commits himself to YOU; YOU are the helper of the fatherless.

Boy today do I feel HELPLESS….


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